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Hey Guys
My 04 XC 700 136'' Tracks USA is pretty well finished.
I need some suspension help, I had my front track shock loosend off for the grass drags,now I am trying to set it up for trail.

Can someone give me a rough measurement on the amount of threads from the bottom of the track shock up to the spring keeper.
I am just trying to get a rough set up...
Where are everyone running their Rear Scissor Stops....which hole, I have mine in the middle hole.

Also I have Shaper Bars,and I was wondering how much preload are folks running on their front ski springs, if I could get the same measurement from the bottom of the threads to the bottom of the spring keeper.

When I grass raced this year, I changed my preloads, and the paper I wrote my measurements down on disappeared :banghead: :banghead:


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