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07 summitx 800

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so my buddy and i went out on the lake yesterday for a rip. hes been dying to go out being that he bought a brand new sled this year. its an 07 800 summit x 144. 2 1/4 inch lug. by my house there is a narrow part in the lake that has current and stays open most of the year. it was open about 100-200 feet. i went over a few times with my new sled and it did well. (F6 snopro) not as well as my 05rev440X mind you but still pretty good.
now my buddies turn. he guns it, hits the water at about 30-40mph and nearly sinks it crossing the narrow part (60-80 feet). so being new to water skipping he is a little hesitant to come back across. so he guns it again this time hitting the water at like 60-70mph and low and behold... he JUST makes it. its like the thing is bogging out. man i have seen tundra's (no foolin) skip better. what's the dilly-o? the belt is dry. i'll try and post some pics tomorrow. we have it all on tape. he is going to try to post that as well. i will post a link to it when he does. he does have the challenger track as well (lite)
he had 12 miles on it.....needless too say he was a little shaken by it. lol i think the words he used was...."my wife woulda fucken shot me" bahaahaa!
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144 2 1/4" lug is too much track. Look at the watercross sleds and they have a low lug height and usually 121 or 136".
144 2 1/4" lug is too much track. Look at the watercross sleds and they have a low lug height and usually 121 or 136".[/b]
Exactly. Doesnt help that he hit the water so slow... you gotta hit it at a minimum of 50mph with that kind of sled.
The 2 inch lugs are not a problem at all, both the switchback I was riding last year, and the 900 Mountain Cat I'm riding this year have 2 inch lugs on them, and I can start with my skis in the water, gun it and pick up speed. Somethings wrong I promise you.
holes in the track is the reason why.
Im sure its the ported track, if its the r-series it has 151 hp what more do you need and the lugs are not the problem they'll help you launch.
Problem is not the lug size or track length. It is something else. As said above, if it is a ported track that is the problem.
My guess would be too much track. even with 155-157hp(Am-Snow and BMP dyno results) that is still a lot of drag being created by the large footprint and lug size.
Its not the lugs, i've saw toons of long tracks do some amazing things on the water.
With 2 1/4" lugs the water is thrown over the top and weighs down the sled as its going a cross. They're too big to be able to just skip over like a 1"
Come up to the trout portage this spring on lake vermillion and you will see some crazy shit done on mountain sleds.
I have a 162 2.25" on my sled and you can start at like 5 mph and hammer it and it will put the damn thing on the back bogie and ride like a jetski that will not plane
After reading the first post my first thought along with others is the ported track is whats causing it to seem a little lack luster on the water. Everyone i ride with has mountain sleds and we have never had any problems skipping water, so its not due to the lugs.
it's the holes in the track, trust me on this

also 07's come standard with ported tracks
Damn sleds that cant swim.Sunk my 03 f7efi the year i got it.Good thing it was only about 3 feet deep water and nothing went wrong.That water gets cold in the middle of winter dont it.
to anyone saying its too big of a track....you don't know what you are talking about, so dont try and sound like you do. i have crossed 2 mile lakes withe a 151"x2" over and over again without any problems what so ever. if it has a ported track then thats the problem, i thought it was pretty commn knowledge that porting the track = no skipping, but i guess not.
I have run ported tracks on water and they still do ok. Here is what part of the problem is. That with the lug height being so tall if he is going fast as soon as he hits the water it is like brakes, You would think the momentuim would help carry it but it doesn't. On my 05 mod that I had with 136 ported track it would do the same thing If I hit it fast would barly make it. If I started off slow about 5 mph and shit canned it right before the water would go any where I wanted it to. Tell him to try it like this in shallow water first. But now when I do it I just bring the skis right to the edge of the ice stop and then punch it and away I go.
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