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My newly purchased 05 rmk 900 backfires. It had a goldfinger left handed throttle on it and looks like it has stretched the throttle cable as the cable won't bring the throttle all the way back to idle postion completely to push in the TSS. Will this make the sled back fire upon start up and so on? And is there any adjustment to the throttle cable on these?

Also I noticed the check engine blinks a couple times and then goes away and comes back a little bit later. Took it out for a 100 mile trail ride yesterday.

Also I noticed when the temp was up a little bit like 170 or so it seemed to only want to go 68 mph and run a little rough like there was a safe mode and the comp was making it run rich, but when the temp was down to 140 or so it would go like a rapped ape and up to 76 mph.

Thanks for the help and input.
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