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I bought another 05 Fusion with 950 miles.

I accidentally destroyed the oil line from oil pump to the crankcase. So I put in a new line and want to bleed it, so I took the oil pump off and turned it with a power drill spinning till oil went into the crankcase. Everything seemed good. Put them back together, made sure oil pump isn't sticky as it is well known for that to happen.

Rode 100 miles last Tuesday. Will not hit 7,500 rpm, mostly only 7,300 rpm. Also from starting off or low end it will pull hard but will go to 6,800-7,100 rpm only.

So I decided to check the primary clutch. Already put in a new spring and 11-74 weights. Took it apart and everything looks good and clean. Then I was going to put the clutch back on but decided to check the oil pump, and found out that it is stuck full open. I decided to try to clean it with brake cleaner. Still same problem so I use long thin screwdriver to move it to stop. But it felt funny. I thought the oil cable line was stuck or something, so I took the parts apart and found that oil cable line is smooth, nothing is sticky. It is the oil pump. I suspect that the spring is stuck kind of like jammed or something. So I took the spring off and turned the tab, I can still feel it is stuck in that position, then turned to the other area, feels smooth but back to same area, feels like a bit stuck.

Never had this experience on any other 05 Fusion I have worked on.

Bad oil pump? Do you think I could have damaged it by spinning it with the power drill? I saw someone doing it on 800 CFI. So I did the same. Hope that was not a big mistake.
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