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04 440 SnoPro Race Model

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:beerchug: A buddy of mine just bought a 440 SnoPro set up for 110octane. What exactly needs to be done to the motor to run 93octane pump gas. Just heads or pistons, jugs, pipe and all that stuff too????????

Also, as far as cooling there is no rear heat exchanger. Will one need to be installed for trail riding or will the factory race setup keep everything cool enough for easy trail riding. :moose_nuggets:
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this should be in the 440 forum just so you know. you need to get low comp heads. you can get 02 arctic sno pro ones or speedwerx makes kit. you also need to get your ecu reformatted(i beleive thats the word). for the cooling i would deffinatly put in a rear heat exchanger. you can go with the under the tunnel u cooler or the side tunnel coolers. look in the 440 forum theres a whole 23 long page thread about this.
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