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02 zr cce shocks

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I got a zr 600 cce and the rear skid isnt stiff enuff what should i do? My dial adjuster is to the max and the clicker is on 8 on my other shock. Do i need to adjust the hyflaxs? Shocks were just recently serviced also. :cn:
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maybe stiffer springs?? What do you have the triangles set at on the rear springs. how much do you weigh? I know my dads 02 CCE is a lot stiffer than my 00 zr500 even on the lowest clicker setting...
Originally posted by exrdr96@Sep 19 2005, 10:05 PM
I only weight 160 how do you tell what setting the triangles are set on?is there a number on each end?
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There is one one each side of the suspension that you use the spark plug wrench to adjust. Its on the stiffest setting when the thickest part of the triangle is facing toward the spring.

its #18 in the drawing
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