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02 XC 800 Back together and fired up

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Hey Folks, the 02 XC 800 motor is back together, mounted in the chassis and fired up, there was F'n aluminum every where in this thing, from crank case and bearings to the head, to the reeds and the different carb circuits pilot and starter circuits, it needed mag cylinder finished, obviously new piston rings etc, I also re-ringed the pto side. I cleaned the everything thouroughly, sealed and torqed the cases, assembled the topend and heads and cylinders reed cages, cleaned carbs with compressed filled coolant with new Polaris coolant and charged the battery and cranked it up. Had the tach cal'ed to 7700 it was 450 rpm's off says Dale at Fett Bros performance

I used a tool called the air-lift that runs off compressed air that sucks all the air out of the coolant lines "negative vacum preasure" to the lines it has a feeder tube that sits in the new coolant and when the valve is opened it sucks the new coolant from the bottle into the lines with no air pockets and no need to bleed the system, what a slick tool.. for $80.00

Now I am starting clutch cleaning and rebuilds new rollers in the spider with almond/red and Dalton 70 g wts in the primary and 52/36 helix with epi black 2ndary, Gona make Skid adjustments change the hyfax and possibly shock rebuilds. Could use a new track too, but I't will go this season. I hope.

the season is gettin closer!! end O August already..

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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