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'01 ZR800 Rear Springs

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OK, here's the deal. I've got a 2001 ZR800 standard model. The shocks were just rebuilt this season and I am running the heavy rear springs (1604-164/165) set on the stiffest cam setting. I weigh about 220# and ride pretty aggressively. I'm lacking for rear travel. Yes, it's plush, and is fine for groomed trail, but I can easily bottom it on decent drops and I'm chewing through about 1/2 of the travel by just sitting on it.

I've heard that there is yet a stiffer spring available, possibly that which the LE ran as their heavy spring. Any know the sstory and have a part number or a good way to look the info up on line?


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I have a 02 zl800 and weigh 235 so I put on the 1604-148/149 springs and they work really well. They are long so you have to cut them off to the correct length and the angle is steeper than the standard springs. I can run them on the lowest preload.
I've been doing a bunch of digging and with a couple of helpful suggestions it looks like an easy solution is simply a longer/taller suspension spring retainer that adds more preload on the spring. One bolt to change em on each side. I'm told that AC sells them and Lencco Performance sells one made from billet.

On another front, anyone have experience with the adjustable rear ETT limiter shafts that Lennco makes? It's easy to see how they work, by pushing the limiter stop back for the ETT link and jacking the rear end up, but what does that actually do to the suspension and handling?

Thanks for all the help!

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