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  1. Arctic Cat
    50 bottom gear and 24 top gear out of a Thundercat. Very low (less than 500) miles on them. $100 / pr. Also have a stock secondary clutch with less than 100 miles on it off 2017 Thundercat. $350 .... Also have stock fuel pump, air box, and blow off valve. If you don't like the price, make...
  2. Turbo 4 Stroke
    Hey guys, New to these forums hoping for some help. I bought a 15' zr 9000 with 3400 miles, 110 hours. Its got the TD tune with 4 modes. Noticed a slight coolant leak from the hose between the gas tank and the center of the engine and fixed it. Then I noticed the coolant was pretty low (maybe...
1-2 of 2 Results