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  1. 2 Strokes
    Does anybody know what this is on the airbox?One hose goes to the carb and another to the engine. Mine is off.
  2. General Snowmobile Forum
    Almost done with my old school Viper build, I thought I would share some of the details with you guys. Turbo is a Comp oiless turbo 5756 good for around 550 horsepower in a four stroke. Probably only 450 in a two rolled new cones for the pipes Pretty mean looking with those wastegates out...
  3. 2 Strokes
    2000 Mountain Max Exhaust fit/work for 2000 Sxr 700? the Sxr does have a 144 extension on it. It is currently jetted and clutched for the mountains and has a triple pipe on it and I'd like to bring it back to stock for sea level in WI. Thanks!
  4. Yamaha
    This is a complete running engine with 2600 miles on it. Twin aaen pipes that aren't obnoxiously loud. Couple dents but nothing major. Runs like a top, 140 psi in both holes. Electric start works great. I can send a video of it running. Pics are of it mached up in my chassis, not actually...