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  1. ProCross (2012 - )
    Have a 2014 xf 800 137 has a bikeman stage 1 bolt on kit. Gearing is stock. I installed the clutch kit as per the instruction sheet for setting up the adjustable weights it says to place the magnets 3/3/3/1. And have the adjustable torsion secondary in the 5th slot i did all that. The sled is...
  2. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    Just picked up a GGB Trail can for my 2012 XF800. Curious if anyone knows whether or not cans “break in” and get louder? Wanted something louder than my SLP, but not something too loud like the GGB mountain can. So far, just barely more noise than my SLP. After watching videos of the same can...
1-2 of 2 Results