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  1. XC
    I have a 02 800 xcsp and I recently put a 136" iq skid in it and didn't notice till I went to test ride it that the track is 2.86 pitch, I have the drive shaft from the iq/shift before I go pull it all apart again I was just wondering if anyone knew if the 2.86 drive from the iq would work in...
  2. XC
    I have a 05 xcsp 500 and wondering what the best suspension setting are?
  3. XC
    First off hello everyone...... Second..... Im looking to install perc reverse on my 03 800 xc sp. I have searched and found lots of info but not all my questions have been answered as some of it is contradicting. So if someone can clarify for me i would be grateful. 1) So from what i have...
  4. XC
    Good Morning, I have an 05 Polaris XCSP 600 anniversary edition, number 0072 and am wondering how many of them they made? I am also wondering what it’s worth with 4,000 miles, in mint condition! Please let me know!
1-4 of 4 Results