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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    Does anyone have any feedback on the Polaris 650 Voyageur 2022? How does it handle on the trail?
  2. Indy (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    My 600 Voyageur is killing the PTO-side spark plug on startup. I've tested the plug each time it happens and zero spark. If I replace it - boom, runs great all day. Start it up the next morning and it's running on one cylinder again. Any ideas what could be causing this odd behavior? Sled only...
  3. Indy (AXYS Platform)
    So I bought a used sled and seemed ok but I noticed the kill switch doesn't work and the speedometer gauge and taillights go off and on. I took it into my local dealer and they said they had to call Polaris because they couldn't figure it out. Polaris tells them its a faulty gauge, so they order...
1-3 of 3 Results