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  1. Vintage Sleds and Parts
    Hello out there. The family has several Massey and Scorpion sleds from the late 70's. We burned a piston on the Scorpion Sting 440. After teardown and clean up we discovered that dad bored out the cylinders +28 years ago as the pistons are 0.040" over. Wiseco part number was 2070P4 for this...
  2. Snowmobiles For Sale
    1968 Ski-Doo (Bombardier) Olympique 250cc. This sled was originally bought by my grandfather in '68 and years later was traded away. Thankfully he never lost track of it and bought it back a few years ago. This was a every nut and bolt restoration that has had over 250 hours poured into it. This...
  3. General Snowmobile Forum
    I recently purchased a basket case drag sled and am now obsessed with the idea of going racing. I'd rather build one than buy one but if I can find a reasonable entry level sled, I might save myself the trouble. Anyways I'm looking for some advice on getting started and most importantly where to...
1-3 of 3 Results