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  1. IQ chassis
    Hi all, coming off a fresh complete rebuild. I have a iqr 660 VES sleds running great now aside from it seems it's hitting a "rev limiter" at 6-6200rpm wot or even trying to slowly get into it. Plugs are Darker brown but I'm running pre mix as well as oil injection for break in. Just cleaned...
  2. Pro-X (2001-2004)
    Cleaned both exhaust valves on my sled (04 pro x 600), noticed one of the bolts came out weird. Didn’t think much of it cleaned them, rebuilt 1, and put back on. Made sure not to overtighten. Sled was running mint. All the sudden heard a fluttering noise. Shut it off and opened hood to find that...
  3. Pro-X (2001-2004)
    I was recently cleaning the exhaust valves in my 2004 pro x 600 and noticed one bellow was loose, I noticed the washer was loose and some metal filings.I went to loosen the nut off the valve and snap! The threaded end broke off. I’m thinking this was loose for awhile causing that washer to wear...
1-3 of 3 Results