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  1. XC
    I have a 02 800 xcsp and I recently put a 136" iq skid in it and didn't notice till I went to test ride it that the track is 2.86 pitch, I have the drive shaft from the iq/shift before I go pull it all apart again I was just wondering if anyone knew if the 2.86 drive from the iq would work in...
  2. Snowmobile Parts and Accessories
    Avid external driver. 2.86" 8 tooth driver.
  3. Trail/Classic/XLT
    I'm trying to figure out what the pitch is for a 97 xlt sks is so I don't order the wrong track. I'm looking at getting a 136" with 1.5" paddle. Also whats the pitch on an 97 xlt sks?
1-3 of 3 Results