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  1. 440/race/modified
    I have an 08 chassis iqr with 600 swap. I'm bottoming out the skid bump stops just standing on the sled ~235 geared up. Wondering do I have to go with IQR torsion springs or is there a edge/prox spring that is known to also fit the IQR skid? Reading a lot about .375 from the edge is a great one...
  2. Polaris
    1 Pair of zero mile stock torsion springs, taken off at delivery, $175 plus shipping . 2023 XCR's come with last years HD springs stock this year, so if your a light fella or gal you may want the standard springs from 2022. These will also fit a VR1 or XC. Paypal only. Came off a 2022 XCR 850...
1-2 of 2 Results