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  1. Matryx Platform (Indy VR1/Launch Edition/SBA 146)
    Hey everyone, first post here. Just wondering how everyone likes their matryx 650? I can find mountains of stuff on the 850 for the more loaded models like the vr1 or SBA. I've spring ordered a 2023 switchback sp 650 and was wondering how people are doing in terms of higher mileage for longevity...
  2. Polaris
    I am selling my 2018 800 Switchback Assault 144. Sled is in mint condition. It's never seen any damage and has only 100 miles on the current track (upgraded to a 2" Challenger from the 1.5" Ripsaw) Sled has been perfect. Always stored inside. The only reason I am selling is because I am moving...
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi all, Looking to buy a rear bumper for my 2014 switchback assault 144 broke mine giving by brother a tow the other day and need to replace before heading out to Alberta later this month. if anyone has one locally (Winnipeg area MB) let me know what you'd want for it! also if anyone along the...
  4. Polaris
    2020 Polaris Switchback Assault 850 Showroom condition. Extras include: Ice Cobra track,(not available from Polaris in 2020) electric start, ice scratchers, tunnel bag, deep powder skis, windshield bag, handlebar bag, GPS, heated visor plugin. 2.5 years of warranty left. I can remove the extra...
  5. Switchback/SKS/RMK
    I just bought an assault 800 four days ago and had no issues until loading in the bed of my pickup. It sounded like clutch issues as the belt had no smell. If this is going to be ongoing issues; will lemon law protect me in MI?
  6. Rush/Switchback (AXYS Platform)
    I have a 2018 Polaris Switchback Pro-S 800 and no matter what snow conditions im in it is still overheating. Normally on hard pack trails my sled will get hot, never overheat but it got hot. But now even riding on the lake with 2 feet of fresh snow its still not cooling the sled down at all...
  7. Rush/Switchback (AXYS Platform)
    Not sure if this is the right forum, if not please advise which is. I am looking for and can't seem to find a service manual for a 2020 SB XCR 800? All I can seem to find is 19 600? Searched the web, ebay and amazon and nothing. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Polaris
    Brand new white IFS springs 7043732-133 80lb from a pro s. These fit all rebuildable IFS shocks for Axys chassis. Give much better ride and cornering when installed on a Switchback Assault, etc. Can actually use the clicker settings as intended. Lennstang has posted about this change. $75 US for...
  9. Polaris General Discussion
    Can you use sliders from a 2016 800 switchback assault 144 on a 2011 Polaris iqr 600? I cut the sliders to short for the switchback.
  10. Polaris
    2019 Polaris 800 Switchback Assault 144 ES 800 H.O. Cleanfire Engine with Cleanfire 3D Ignition, Electric Start, Reverse, Walker Evans Comp. Adj. Piggyback Needle Front Shocks, IGX 144 Rear Suspension with Walker Evans Comp. Adj. Piggyback shocks, Polaris Interactive Digital Display (PIDD)...
  11. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    I have the Billet 1" Black Zollinger Bros offset spindles with spacers. They narrow stance 2" total. I had them on a 2019 SBA for the 19-20 season. My season was cut short in March, so not much time on them. I'm looking to sell them. Anyone interested let me know. Thanks!
  12. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    I own a 2018 Switchback Assault 800, and I am changing my stock riser and bars to some aftermarket ones. With the after market parts I now sit at 6- 6 1/2” rise from 3.5-4”. Is there anyone that would know what the stock lengths of Both the brake line and throttle cables would be? would the...
1-12 of 12 Results