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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    I’ve acquired a new old stock 144x15x2.4 track with the 2.52 pitch drivers. Not exactly what I was expecting when I got it. I’m trying to put a new track on my 2011 switchback assault I want a 146x15x2.25 or a 144x15x2(less work) and I’d hate to cut the track I have down to fit under my sled as...
  2. Polaris
    Following parts for sale. Buyer responsible for pickup or shipping. Shipping prices will be calculated based on ship to locations. Axys/ Matryx mtnside products High rise narrow spindles- $275 Axys/ Matryx 850 GGB trail can, $220 Axys mtnarmor front bumper, purple- $150 -Axys Polaris monarch...
  3. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    My sled has a resting idle of 2000-2100rpms and it should be sitting around 1700-1900rpms. What could be causing it to be idling higher and what could I do to reduce it ?
  4. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    My 18 SBA 800 144” now sits at around 6980kms (approx 4365 miles) and at what point should I consider doing a rebuild if even needing to do one at all? I’ve read from other sources some if not most people are rebuilding at approx 8000-12500kms (5000-8000 miles)
  5. Polaris General Discussion
    Can't seem to find any info anywhere as probably no one has done such a swap but I have a line on a cheap 144" skid track and hardware for a 2014 assault from a friend and if its possible want to swap it into my 2002 edge xcsp 800 121, sooo has anyone done this and if so what all was needed. If...
  6. Polaris General Discussion
    Last winter I rebuilt my 2009 switchback 600 only due to I having 8,000 miles and was getting low on compression… The engine builder at my work did it, we had all the seals replaced, and the crank trued, new bearings, brand new OEM cylinders and pistons. Also new inline fuel filter. TPS was...
  7. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    Hello , hoping someone can help out . I am currently having trouble with my assault on start up . I start up the sled and is idling at 1800 rpm and suddenly dies on me . Start the machine back up and it’s good to go . It’s happening on every cold start , why is it dying on me ??
  8. General Snowmobile Forum
    I have a 2017 Polaris assault and every time I start up the sled the thing dies on me . I give is some throttle to bring the rpms up but still dies out . Once I start it back up it runs fine . Just wanted to know why it always dies on first start up . Can someone relate ?
  9. Minnesota-Only Classified
    1700 miles. 1.352 Cobra track. Great condition. No rips, tears or cracks. Recent additions/upgrades: New 6" Stud Boy carbides New heat shield plug installed New under seat bag New windshield bag New spare belt Also have a tunnel wrap I have not installed but will include with sale. Only...
  10. Switchback Assault/RMK (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    This engine was rebuilt a year ago with pro-x pistons, rings gapped to spec in reman cvtech monobloc. Not even 500 miles later I start noticing some cutouts at WOT after about 1/4 mile. 10 miles later I lost combustion all together. Always warmed up to at least 90 before moving, never saw it go...
1-10 of 10 Results