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  1. XC
    Hows it going guys just finishing up a iq shift skid swap on my 02 xcsp fiquered I'd make a post on how it went and what was needed. 136 skid from a 06-10 dragon/shift/iq is a direct bolt in on a 2002 xcsp 800 121. The shift skid is narrower than the edge skid I cant remember the exact...
  2. ProCross (2012 - )
    Okay. 2013 AC snow pro rr. Pro cross suspension. The axel that hooks into the front shock. There are a bolt on one side of skid, and a not on the other side. Nut came off. Bolt side just spins. I’ve tried wedging a wrench, and tightening up nut again, then try and take bolt out. That doesn’t...
  3. Rush/Switchback (AXYS Platform)
    I have a 2018 XCR 800 SWB and it is horrible in corners, rolls, tips, etc. My buddies and I have played with the FTS and RTS as well as front suspension. It is set up right now with a lot of ski pressure that I can not lift the skis off the ground anymore. I have a studded track with about 106...
  4. IQ chassis
    This has probably been gone over a bunch of times but I need rear shocks/struts. Haven’t found anything on the forum and I’d rather not spend an arm and a leg as my riding season is three months if we’re lucky. 2010 Polaris iq600 thanks in advance
  5. ZR/ZL forum
    Hi All, Apologies for "beating a dead horse" but I guess I can't seem to formulate my own conclusion on the best route to take. I've removed the skid on my '02 ZR 800 CCE to replace some idler wheels and I would like to address the front arm shock while I'm at it. I plan to have the entire...
  6. F series (07- )
    Hi guys I have a 2010 F8 and the skid front shock blew apart and bushing hole is worn severely. I just bought the sled so it’s not lack of maintenance on my part. The struggle is I can’t get a new shock from cat. Unavailable. It’s really such BS that they can do this. Anyone have any ideas on...
1-6 of 6 Results