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  1. Rush/Switchback (AXYS Platform)
    I have a 2015 Polaris 800, I’ve been running a SLP pipe and can, just recently bought a SSI pipe and can off of a 2018, the bung on the pipe is larger due to it being from a 18, can I instead of welding a smaller bung on can I just put a 2018 exhaust sensor on and plug into sled? Thanks for any help
  2. Rush/Switchback (AXYS Platform)
    I installed the BMP Stage 1 (pipe, y-pipe, tune, clutching) when my 2016 Pro-X 800 was new and it has run flawless for 2500 miles. Substantially quicker than my 2017 XCR 800 and a lot more fun to ride. I figured it is time for a top end, so I picked up Stage 3 (adding the billet head...
1-2 of 2 Results