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  1. Michigan-Only Classified
    0 2016 Ski-Doo X-RS 800 129" ice ripper track (brand new track this year) Fun, fast, reliable sled...just getting out of the sport and onto a pontoon **** 3779 miles New motor (NOT a rebuild, entire motor was replaced) by Ski-Doo in 2018 (work done at US 27 Motorsports - have all receipts and...
  2. General Snowmobile Forum
    The primer on my sled doesn't work so well but when I start it, it gets fuel just fine. I have to use starting spray to get it going and when it starts it goes to a full on rev and I have to hold the brake or else itll take off. Does anyone know why? I should have the idle screw in the correct...
  3. Arctic Cat
    Biggest Arctic Cat Parts Lot on KIJIJI | Snowmobiles Parts, Trailers & Accessories | Regina | Kijiji For Pictures, Shipping on your dime. Proclimb Parts ⦁ Driveline: 1. 49t Bottom Gear $70 2. 90p Chain $100 3. Automatic Tensioner $25 4. Top Gear $10 5. Brake Caliper $50 6...
  4. ProCross (2012 - )
    My 2002 mxz 500 takes spark plug NGK BR9ES ...... a person at l&m fleet supply sold me BR8ES NGK plugs and told me they will make it run better without fowling out so much they run hotter .... my question is should I run these BR8ES plugs ? Will it cause harm ? Will it be safe ?
  5. Polaris
    2019 Polaris Assault 850. Around 1350 miles may go up as season continues. Triple black color scheme, PIDD gauge, pro steer and gripper skis, 1.6 studded track, electric start, handlebar riser, handlebar bag, heated helmet plug, magnetic tether, and 3m black reflectors that glow white. Also...
  6. Polaris General Discussion
    First time out on the new but used sled and it overheats within minutes, we let it cool and threw snow in the engine and took it out again only for it to shut off 10 seconds in. we had it idling for about 5 minutes before we look it out and then after riding it around for 10 minutes it first...
  7. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    Just picked up a GGB Trail can for my 2012 XF800. Curious if anyone knows whether or not cans “break in” and get louder? Wanted something louder than my SLP, but not something too loud like the GGB mountain can. So far, just barely more noise than my SLP. After watching videos of the same can...
  8. Polaris General Discussion
    I recently purchased a 2006 Polaris FST 750 Turbo sled from Kijiji and it was listed as working condition and no issues. When I went to check it out it made no noise and started and ran fine. I did a 4 minute test run and heard nothing just that the Temps were getting a little high. He told me...
  9. General Snowmobile Forum
    Hey guys I recently bought a 1999 artic cat zl 600 that has a basically brand new track well I took it out today for a quick ride in the yard and a bolt for the suspension broke and caused the track to shift off the drive wheels and worn about 4 of the drive lugs on each side down now if it were...
  10. Switchback Assault/RMK (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    I recently got done putting my sled back together after tearing it about and when everything was back to together and started riding I realized that the brake on the first 2 pulls wouldn’t grab. After I give it 2 pumps the 3rd would grab like it should. But after you stop pumping them they would...
  11. Arctic Cat Wanted
    got a pristine kitty cat only thing that does not work is rear tail light asking 1150
  12. Michigan
    Can't wait until we can ride like this again!
  13. Video Section
    We got sick of waiting for snow so we decided to water skip the IQR!
  14. Pennsylvania
    All PA Snowmobilers, please complete this survey on improving our sport in PA~ How Can PSSA Better Serve You? - PA State Snowmobile Association
  15. Video Section
    Here's a video of our first snowmobile trip last year, cant wait to get going again this year!!
  16. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    Hey, this is my first post on this forum. I have a 1996 Arctic Cat 550 Cougar that has been sitting in my backyard for 15 years. I have decided to try and get it running and have been for the past week. So far I have cleaned and rebuilt the fuel pump, Fully rebuilt both carbs, got new fuel lines...
  17. Trailers
    Selling my 2015 Lightning inline snowmobile trailer. Trailer is in good condition and always stored inside for summer (no paint fade). New brakes, leaf springs, hangers etc done 12/21/18. Upgraded aluminum wheels along with the radar package (finished interior, water seal 3/4" plywood floor...
  18. General Snowmobile Forum
    So I'm looking to purchase a used snowmobile, but I'm starting to have some serious misgivings about this venture, the more I research. The reliability on these things appear to be downright AWFUL. The ones that I've seen with over 2500 miles have had the top end rebuilt. I am seriously...
1-20 of 20 Results