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  1. General Snowmobile Forum
    Hi everyone, my snowmobile club has this pull behind ambulance that we are trying to get information about such as manufacturer and possible years it was produced. Haven't had much luck searching the internet so I figured someone here would have some info.
  2. Snowmobile Trailers & Haulers
    I am looking for a 2 sled trailer that will fit in my one car garage. It needs to be 86 inches wide or less. I am looking at atv or raft trailers as those seem to be the only options that are not 102 inches wide. Does anyone have experience with using Aluma Raft Trailers or Legend atv...
  3. General Snowmobile Forum
    Hey guys I really want to get into snowmobiling so I can access the back country for skiing and playing in! I live in South Western Bc and the mountains are amazing here. I’ve been cruising market place here and there but I don’t know snowmobiles well enough to drop a lot of coin on a sled I...
  4. Switchback Assault/RMK (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    I recently got done putting my sled back together after tearing it about and when everything was back to together and started riding I realized that the brake on the first 2 pulls wouldn’t grab. After I give it 2 pumps the 3rd would grab like it should. But after you stop pumping them they would...
1-4 of 4 Results