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  1. Ski-Doo General Discussion
    👋 So I had a question, I know you are suppose to keep your second belt away from heat to keep its integrity, but with the positioning of the MXZ 02’ spare is right underneath the expansion chamber. Has anyone come up with a belt hack to mount it to your primary belt metal protector like 99% of...
  2. New Hampshire-only classified
    Sunburst Yellow Skis with Silver Handles Excellent Condition, Used for just one season Includes adjustable carbide runner with minimal wear Carbide can be adjusted in penetration up to 1/2" Carbides have been sharpened after the photos were taken NOTE: does not include the multi-position adjuster
  3. Ski-Doo
    I copied my ad from a local classifieds (non-snowmobile specific) that I also have it posted on, so please excuse the obvious information. Selling 2 Ski-doos that I've owned for the past 3 years. We ride them in Northern VT on the VAST Trails. I will provide copies of previous registrations as...
  4. XP/XR/XS New Style MXZ
    I am looking for a metal front bumper to mount to the front of my machine. I have tried Royal Distributing, SkiDoo, and Kimplex - none make one for my model! Has anyone had any luck finding one? 2010 Skidoo Grand Touring 600 etec REV XR.
  5. Ski-Doo
    2018 Ski-Doo MXZ-X Excellent condition. 4900 miles. Electric visor plug. Garage kept. Always hauled in an enclosed trailer. Can deliver to northern PA. Email me directly at [email protected]
  6. Ski-Doo
    2020 Skidoo BCX 850 with 1030 miles. Has 3 more years of warranty. Sled is the yellow color option. Has power shot start system. Sled has been converted to wider front and and has a brand new Ice Attack XT 1.25 pre studded track. Has ZRP spindles to make ski stance 42 inches. Sled has HD front...
  7. Michigan
    Finally made our first trip this year, there wasn't as much snow as we hoped for but we made the most of it!
  8. General Snowmobile Forum
    While changing the oil on my 2020 900 ace, i overtightened and pulled the threads out of where my large oil plug threads into the engine. Im just wondering the best way to repair these threads and what others have done and how it has worked out for them. Ive done some research and seems like...
  9. XP/XR/XS New Style MXZ
    Hello, I picked up a 2010 SkiDoo Grand Touring 600 etec. I immediately got new ramps installed in the clutch. Took it out today for the first time. Started up and ran great for a few runs (30ish km total). Reverse was working too. Now I need to give it gas to start up and it dies when I hit...
  10. Snowmobiles For Sale
    1968 Ski-Doo (Bombardier) Olympique 250cc. This sled was originally bought by my grandfather in '68 and years later was traded away. Thankfully he never lost track of it and bought it back a few years ago. This was a every nut and bolt restoration that has had over 250 hours poured into it. This...
  11. Michigan
    We ended up upgrading for this winter and getting a 2016 Skidoo Backcountry Renegade and a 2014 Skidoo Freeride, now we just need some snow!!
  12. Summit
    So i have a 96 summit 500 and i just bought it not running. Previous owner said intermittent spark. Cleaned carbs really good replaced both main jets. New fuel lines. And i relocated fuel pump onto side of airbox for easier acess. New plugs. 125 psi and 130 psi of compression. Hac is...
  13. Michigan
    Can't wait until we can ride like this again!
  14. Ski-Doo General Discussion
    Been awhile but I have a 2004 ski doo 500 ss ledgend. Working on R.A.V.E. exhaust valves. Had a style that cap is held on with bolts instead of clips. Base housings were not rebuildable so ordered a couple complete assemblies on line used. Was going to combine housings with new seals & gaskets...
  15. Video Section
    Here's a video of our first snowmobile trip last year, cant wait to get going again this year!!
  16. Polaris General Discussion
    Hey guys I'm a seasoned motocross racer with a track at my house and I recently was given a free 1980 Polaris 600 triple. I wanna make this old girl jump worthy. Any suggestions on what the best route would be besides getting another sled. Remember it was free lol.
  17. General Snowmobile Forum
    So I'm looking to purchase a used snowmobile, but I'm starting to have some serious misgivings about this venture, the more I research. The reliability on these things appear to be downright AWFUL. The ones that I've seen with over 2500 miles have had the top end rebuilt. I am seriously...
1-19 of 20 Results