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  1. Arctic Cat
    I wrecked a 22 Tcat with ATAC, and will be transplanting the engine, electronics, and power steering into my 2019 ZR9000 RR (fun!). As a result I will have the following parts available. Pictures and videos are available if you contact me. Please note I have not yet started the project but...
  2. Sidewinder
    Sidewinder 2020 xtx had a hurricane flash done to it now it throwing code for sd30 any help would be appreciated
  3. Arctic Cat
    Selling complete Stage 4 package. Everything is included as per their site plus wastegate controller along with their afr module. Stage 4 kit will not be separated. Will be sold complete. Price is $5000.00CDN. This also involves swapping ecu and dash. So this would have to be a 17-18 9000 series...
  4. Arctic Cat
    Used for less than 500 miles. $400 shipped. No core exchange needed. Can text 207-357-6604
1-4 of 4 Results