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  1. Turbo 4 Stroke
    What is a good shock set that’s not gonna shit on my wallet for a 06 Polaris fst 750 turbo
  2. Polaris
    Looking to buy Axys shocks please pm what you have and prices
  3. Parted Out Sleds
    Parting out a 2008 Ski-Doo MXZ Adrenaline 600 SDI. The engine is blown, however some parts from the engine are still in good condition, just let me know what you may be looking for. Everything else on the sled is in good/decent condition. Price depends on part, but some of the bigger items are...
  4. Polaris
    These are Walker Evans ski shocks off of a 2018 Polaris XCR Rush. They have high and low speed compression adjusters. They have 1,384 miles on them. They come with the mounting hardware and the springs. These shocks were on my wife's snowmobile. She is now running Elka shocks is the reason for...