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  1. Rush/Switchback (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    2014 rush pro r 600 will lose battery charge after sled turns off for a while but will usually start after it’s been running for a couple hours. Battery has been load tested - came out to 100% and is 1 year old so it’s not the battery I think it may be a parasitic draw where something is...
  2. Rush/Switchback (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    Its a 2011 Polaris Pro R 600. Had problems all last year with dying problems. Would go for a short distance then loose all power. After getting to a stop it would start first pull. This sounds like a typical TSS issue. We put back on a OEM riser bc the previous owner had a 6 inch and put the...
  3. Rush/Switchback (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    Hello all, first post. I am having a problem with my Sled as mentioned in the title. I bought this snowmobile last year with the top end torn apart due to the PTO side having low compression, and the previous owner didn't want to fix it and let it sit torn down for a couple years. I rebuilt the...
1-3 of 3 Results