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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    Motor stalls out when I push yellow reverse button, I tried changing fuel, plugs, oil. Checked the wiring , all looks good . Coils seem to be working fine. Any one else have the same problem? If so how did you fix it . It's polaris 600 widetrak 2016.
  2. 440/race/modified
    i might get a polaris iqr 440with a 2005 800 motor and i was wondering if i can put perc electric revers on it and what parts i need to get if it is possible.
  3. IQ chassis
    Has anyone experienced the motor being stuck flipping constantly between forward and reverse? I start the motor, it barely idles, quits, then reverses over and over. As this is happening you can watch the drive clutch flip between forward and reverse, back and forth constantly. If you "push and...
  4. XP/XR/XS New Style MXZ
    Hello, I picked up a 2010 SkiDoo Grand Touring 600 etec. I immediately got new ramps installed in the clutch. Took it out today for the first time. Started up and ran great for a few runs (30ish km total). Reverse was working too. Now I need to give it gas to start up and it dies when I hit...
  5. Polaris General Discussion
    I just bought a 1997 Polaris RMK 700 with reverse. It was having trouble going into reverse. I have pulled the case apart and the reverse shift fork pins and worn flat! One pin is work 1/2 way through. Problem is that I can't find a part number to order new pins for the fork. The case is stamped...
1-5 of 5 Results