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  1. Pro-X (2001-2004)
    Have been riding my 04 Pro x 600 and I’ve noticed that it bogs for about 10 seconds while you try to give it throttle. Not bogging to the point of it dieing but bogging to the point where it doesn’t want to spin the track. Still goes but doesn’t sound great/not much torque. Sounds like it...
  2. Pro-X (2001-2004)
    Cleaned both exhaust valves on my sled (04 pro x 600), noticed one of the bolts came out weird. Didn’t think much of it cleaned them, rebuilt 1, and put back on. Made sure not to overtighten. Sled was running mint. All the sudden heard a fluttering noise. Shut it off and opened hood to find that...
1-2 of 2 Results