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  1. 2015 rmk pro 600 - "Eth FUEL" Indication on Engine Start

    Polaris General Discussion
    Just recently (today) purchased a 2015 Polaris Pro 600 and I noticed on startup there is a message that pops up on the digital interface for a second or two and then disappears. I'm trying to discern whether this is an error message or if this is simply telling me it is in ethanol fuel mode...
  2. ISO 14 pro rmk 800 engine

    Switchback Assault/RMK (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    Looking for a complete used 800 engine for a 14 pro rmk 800. I plan on rebuilding myself but if you have one with good parts in it for the right price I may be interested. Also I will be needing the computer and wiring harness as well if anyone has a hook on those. Let me know thanks
  3. 2013 Pro RMK 800 155

    Selling my 2013 pro RMK 800 155. Has 4700 miles on it. Motor was just replaced this past winter with a 2014 bottom end (updated Fuji crank) with 1400 miles, replated cylinders, spi pistons (have all receipts for parts used). Has a power commander 5, MBRP can, cable scratchers, brp bypass...