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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    97 xcr 600 se. 1200 original miles. Did a full rebuild, new crank seals, on up. Carb boots are good. Reeds are clean and look great. Carbs are spotless. Rebuilt fuel pump. 360/380/380 factory jetting. Fuel screw started at half a turn and tried up to 1.5 turns open. New fuel lines. Line inside...
  2. Polaris
    New Old Stock 1999 700 XCR cylinders 450$ each New Old Stock 1999 700 XCR carbs 850$ each Used cylinders 350$ and carbs 350$ Other parts available too
  3. Polaris
    My hobby I started a couple years ago has grown in to more of a small business. We have expanded to making coffee cups, shot glasses, and wedge chassis nose cone screens. Our newest venture this winter is Indy Dash Plates Apparel. Shirts, hoodies, and more by Teespring. If you need to get ahold...
1-3 of 3 Results