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  1. 440/race/modified
    Im looking to switch from my twins to a stock polaris single. I recently bought this sled and am not sure what sled the 600 ves motor came out of and I cant justify paying 700 bucks for a 600r pipe are is there any other pipe or pipes that would fit in the iqr chassis besides the 600r and 600rr...
  2. IQ chassis
    Hi all, coming off a fresh complete rebuild. I have a iqr 660 VES sleds running great now aside from it seems it's hitting a "rev limiter" at 6-6200rpm wot or even trying to slowly get into it. Plugs are Darker brown but I'm running pre mix as well as oil injection for break in. Just cleaned...
  3. General Snowmobile Forum
    I wanna know everything there is to know about the 2008 polaris iqrr,just bought one and would like some knowledge about it,thanks
  4. 440/race/modified
    Hey guys looking to know if my 06 iqr with 800ves swap will launch control still work and work properly or is it a bad idea using it? And if so is there a way of removing it hate cluttered handle bars
  5. Racing and Dyno Room
    Hey guys just recently bought a 06 iqr with 800 ves looking to see if there’s a single exhaust set up out there for it ? Currently has twin slp to stingers, also would like to know with the 800 ves will the launch control still work or will I fuck it up lol let me know what u guys know new to...
  6. Snowmobiles For Sale
    Thinking about adding an IQR to the garage, already have a 2013 Apex but I have always loved the IQR. Unfortunately not many for sale anywhere, let alone around Michigan. Was a few months late on the perfect one on here with a 600 CFI - Turbo! Wouldn't mind a RR either. Open to whatever. Anyone...
  7. IQ chassis
    I was trail riding today and I noticed something need. I am fairly new to the sled and i was just wondering,it this is normal. So if im riding at slower speeds and i punch it it revs up to the power band now problem at all. But if I'm in the power band going like 60 and I let off and get on it...
  8. Polaris General Discussion
    Can you use sliders from a 2016 800 switchback assault 144 on a 2011 Polaris iqr 600? I cut the sliders to short for the switchback.
  9. Michigan
    We got sick of waiting for snow so we decided to water skip the IQR!
  10. Video Section
    We got sick of waiting for snow so we decided to water skip the IQR!
1-10 of 10 Results