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  1. IQ chassis
    Hey guys, I have a 07 iq shift 600 cfi that is out of commission when we finally get good snow. Its over heating and boiling coolant out of over flow. Sled runs good but exhaust temp code [5 blinks] on dash is occurring. -I tested my thermostat and it was good. -I checked coolant circulation...
  2. General Snowmobile Forum
    my dragon 600 blew 2 ecu's within a week of each other it went like this for the second one. turn it on, runs for a little bit then spits a bunch of smoke from the electrical panel and dies. when i take the ecu off there's a burn mark on the bottom of the ecu and a small hole in it I've...
  3. Polaris General Discussion
    Hello - Bought this sled last week with 700 miles and hoping for advice/suggestions on if I need it Dealer inspected or if not, what I can do (I'm moderately capable mechanically:) Sled sounds right, runs right at low speed, no chance yet to run it on trail or regular speeds. Was going to...
1-3 of 3 Results