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  1. Polaris
    I have a host of OEM Polaris parts for the Edge XC. The sled is a 700CC, but many parts will fit many years. Pipe = $125 Can = $125 Y Pipe = $50 New 3211080 Belt = $75 Used windshield (no damage, just stickers) = $40 Polaris Edge X Seat (no tears) = $150 OEM Dust (indoor) Cover = $75 OEM...
  2. Polaris General Discussion
    Have an 02 Polaris Edge 700 and took it out on the trails for the first time this year yesterday. When I would get up to 73 MPH, the Speedo would stop there and not move and the Tach would be stopped at 7K. Was following a newer sled and they said we were up around 90 so I know I was going...