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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    Is it possible to test the ECU? I working on a 2008 Polaris 700 dragon 163 and chasing down a high idle issue. I've gone through most of my sled and I've come to the ECU. I'm currently working through testing my TPS using A VOM. Using my service manual I know on the 34 pin plug connected to...
  2. General Snowmobile Forum
    Hi I got a 2007 polaris iq 700 ho when I first got it it would take three pulls to start now it takes 5 to 9 to start it runs perfect once running and then when I turn it off and it sits for like 10 mins it takes 20 25 pulls to start it has compression and its fuel injected has anyone heard of...
1-2 of 2 Results