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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    I’ve acquired a new old stock 144x15x2.4 track with the 2.52 pitch drivers. Not exactly what I was expecting when I got it. I’m trying to put a new track on my 2011 switchback assault I want a 146x15x2.25 or a 144x15x2(less work) and I’d hate to cut the track I have down to fit under my sled as...
  2. Switchback Assault/RMK (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    So I have a DET 1353 code/ loss of power. I’ve read everyone talk about gas, clutch weights and whatever else, but my question is: could a voltage regulator fail have done something to bring this on? I had my voltage regulator go bad, so I changed that out. Then had idle issues, so set the TPS...
1-2 of 2 Results