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  1. General Snowmobile Forum
    (2017 Polaris Axys 800 1600miles) Just picked my sled up from the dealer today after getting recall done and compression test. Compression was great. 120 on both sides. Rode all day (and this season) ran like a champ no problems. Just got home went to pull my sled in the garage to thaw out and...
  2. Polaris General Discussion
    I’ve acquired a new old stock 144x15x2.4 track with the 2.52 pitch drivers. Not exactly what I was expecting when I got it. I’m trying to put a new track on my 2011 switchback assault I want a 146x15x2.25 or a 144x15x2(less work) and I’d hate to cut the track I have down to fit under my sled as...
  3. Switchback Assault/RMK (Pro-Ride Chassis)
    So I have a DET 1353 code/ loss of power. I’ve read everyone talk about gas, clutch weights and whatever else, but my question is: could a voltage regulator fail have done something to bring this on? I had my voltage regulator go bad, so I changed that out. Then had idle issues, so set the TPS...
1-3 of 3 Results