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  1. Polaris
    Belt has just over 60-80 miles on it before sled was no longer used for the season due to injury, $150 . Also have two used spare 800 belt if needed as well
  2. IQ chassis
    Hi I am new to working on 2 strokes and snowmobiles i general. i have been looking up and down here to try to find a similar problem i have, but with no luck. so i bought a rmk 600 ho carb 2008 this summer and it started after 4 pulls. Drove it on the trailer and went Home. Came Home and it...
  3. Polaris General Discussion
    Hello I'm new here and would like some advise. I just bought a 14 pro Rmk 800 back in November lightly used sled only 87hr and 900miles we rode a few times and I've had to fix a few things on it new Carbides and skis and small things. well this last ride i was on was good till i shut my sled off...
  4. Trail/Classic/XLT
    I recently bought a 1995 polaris xlt 600 triple with slp pipes and triple air filters. It sat for around 15 years so that give you an idea of what things look like. After cleaning out the gas tank thst the gauge had rusted in and soak cleaned carbs and doing fuel and oil lines I got it running...
  5. Switchback Assault/SKS/RMK (AXYS Platform)
    Is it a direct swap between an 800 motor in a 04 RMK 144 track to an 600? If not what else will I have to do? Change gears?
1-5 of 5 Results