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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    I have a 2001 Polaris edge 600 and I’m looking to replace a T shaped valve that holds a sensor in one of the cooling lines. I cannot find this part anywhere on the internet. Please help.
  2. Polaris General Discussion
    Recently got this sled. The problem is my clutch appears to have to much play or is loose. Sled is driving just the clutch makes annoying banging noises. So my question is is my clutch broken, are there parts missing or has it not been assembled right or wrong parts used etc. See pics below!
  3. Parts Wanted
    Hi all, Looking to buy a rear bumper for my 2014 switchback assault 144 broke mine giving by brother a tow the other day and need to replace before heading out to Alberta later this month. if anyone has one locally (Winnipeg area MB) let me know what you'd want for it! also if anyone along the...
  4. Arctic Cat
    Biggest Arctic Cat Parts Lot on KIJIJI | Snowmobiles Parts, Trailers & Accessories | Regina | Kijiji For Pictures, Shipping on your dime. Proclimb Parts ⦁ Driveline: 1. 49t Bottom Gear $70 2. 90p Chain $100 3. Automatic Tensioner $25 4. Top Gear $10 5. Brake Caliper $50 6...
  5. Pro-X (2001-2004)
    Want to buy Pro XR or X2 seat
1-5 of 5 Results