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  1. IQ chassis
    I have spent weeks searching for more info. Hoping some experienced people can chime in..bought the sled with a 660 crankshop(was told it was HO but PN show VES)it is a 440 swapped chassis. it had 49s weights with almond spring and black spring in teams secondary with 70 angle ramp it has a...
  2. 440/race/modified
    Hey guys I couldn’t find any threads on this topic that answer my questions, new to this site so correct me if I’m in the wrong discussion. I have a 2009 iqr, oil injection and running 91 octane. My first question is there anyway to adjust the plastic carb floats on these? Next I’ve been having...
  3. Snowmobiles For Sale
    Thinking about adding an IQR to the garage, already have a 2013 Apex but I have always loved the IQR. Unfortunately not many for sale anywhere, let alone around Michigan. Was a few months late on the perfect one on here with a 600 CFI - Turbo! Wouldn't mind a RR either. Open to whatever. Anyone...
  4. IQ chassis
    I was trail riding today and I noticed something need. I am fairly new to the sled and i was just wondering,it this is normal. So if im riding at slower speeds and i punch it it revs up to the power band now problem at all. But if I'm in the power band going like 60 and I let off and get on it...
  5. Video Section
    We got sick of waiting for snow so we decided to water skip the IQR!
  6. Polaris
    Brand new Boss Seat for IQR or 600RR. Never used.
1-6 of 6 Results