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  1. IQ chassis
    I’m having a very strange issue with my 600rr. The sled acts like it’s breaking up when accelerating and I can’t give it and anything past 3/4 throttle it doesn’t feel like it’s accelerating anymore. I’ve tried swapping the ignition coil for a known hood one aswell as the cdi. I’ve rebuilt the...
  2. 440/race/modified
    I have an 08 chassis iqr with 600 swap. I'm bottoming out the skid bump stops just standing on the sled ~235 geared up. Wondering do I have to go with IQR torsion springs or is there a edge/prox spring that is known to also fit the IQR skid? Reading a lot about .375 from the edge is a great one...
  3. 440/race/modified
    I’m getting a iqr 440 extended to 155 and it has a Polaris rmk 800 2005 motor with twin pipes and stingers and mikuni flat side 44 carbs and I was wondering what jets i should use at 1000-3000 feet
  4. 440/race/modified
    Hey guys I couldn’t find any threads on this topic that answer my questions, new to this site so correct me if I’m in the wrong discussion. I have a 2009 iqr, oil injection and running 91 octane. My first question is there anyway to adjust the plastic carb floats on these? Next I’ve been having...
  5. 440/race/modified
    I am thinking about getting a Polaris iq 600 and putting a Yamaha 600 red top in it and I was wondering if I can just use the Yamahas wiring harness or if I have to use the Polaris harness
  6. 440/race/modified
    As title states, just finished full rebuild of my 660 ves 2006 Iqr. I notice at idle the back side of the primary is rubbing on what looks like bulk head. Question is can you shim the backside of the primary out a bit or I possibly put a washer in the wrong place? Is it as simple is denting the...
  7. IQ chassis
    I was trail riding today and I noticed something need. I am fairly new to the sled and i was just wondering,it this is normal. So if im riding at slower speeds and i punch it it revs up to the power band now problem at all. But if I'm in the power band going like 60 and I let off and get on it...
1-7 of 7 Results