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  1. Fusion
    I recently put a new motor in my Polaris fusion 600, after it’s first start I realized that the tach, kill switch, key switch all don’t work I plugged everything back in what could be wrong?
  2. IQ chassis
    The headlights on my 2009 IQ Shift 600 (Carbureted) dim quite dark when I hit on the throttle, my research leads me to believe it's a bad voltage regulator - I read somewhere that these sleds have 2 voltage regulators, is this the case with mine? If so, which one is the one that I need to...
  3. IQ chassis
    Has anyone experienced the motor being stuck flipping constantly between forward and reverse? I start the motor, it barely idles, quits, then reverses over and over. As this is happening you can watch the drive clutch flip between forward and reverse, back and forth constantly. If you "push and...
1-3 of 3 Results