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  1. XC
    Hows it going guys just finishing up a iq shift skid swap on my 02 xcsp fiquered I'd make a post on how it went and what was needed. 136 skid from a 06-10 dragon/shift/iq is a direct bolt in on a 2002 xcsp 800 121. The shift skid is narrower than the edge skid I cant remember the exact...
  2. XC
    I have a 02 800 xcsp and I recently put a 136" iq skid in it and didn't notice till I went to test ride it that the track is 2.86 pitch, I have the drive shaft from the iq/shift before I go pull it all apart again I was just wondering if anyone knew if the 2.86 drive from the iq would work in...
  3. IQ chassis
    The headlights on my 2009 IQ Shift 600 (Carbureted) dim quite dark when I hit on the throttle, my research leads me to believe it's a bad voltage regulator - I read somewhere that these sleds have 2 voltage regulators, is this the case with mine? If so, which one is the one that I need to...
1-3 of 3 Results