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  1. Polaris General Discussion
    Brand new 2023 snow check XCR 850 Indy 128 blew up on my first day of a five day trip with only 102 miles on it. Polaris just wants to replace parts. Dealership says call Polaris, I can’t get by customer connection. Has anybody else had problems with this? I don’t want a rebuilt motor on a brand...
  2. Polaris Boost
    How many people have had issues with their new boosts? I work at a dealership and I feel like we have had more and more come back with issues. Just wanted to see where everyone else stands on this topic. Thanks
  3. Trail/Classic/XLT
    Hello all, i am new here...... but i was hoping someone that has run into a similar problem in the past could help me out here or point me in the right direction. I recently replaced crank seals and put the engine back in the sled and got everything back together and got it fired up. Only to...
  4. General Snowmobile Forum
    I have an indy 500 1997 I would like the back of my snowmobile to sit higher because its low riding right now Not sure which skid to switch too and if its hard to switch skids would I have to drill new holes for it?
  5. Polaris
    New & still in package Part #PCKP650-BK Check but these will fit the newer Indy and Switchback, Matryx Not getting the machine now $120 US shipped Canada & lower 48 PM if interested Thank you
  6. Snowmobiles For Sale
    2019 Indy 850 xc 129”. It’s loaded with NSR clutch kit, custom helix, weights. Roller bearing under cup in secondary for consistent shifting. Skis are shimmed, handles like it’s on rails with 7.5 Shaper Bars. 144 Woody Gold Diggers (3 per row) with star stud backers. DuPont Hy Fax, 4th wheel...
  7. 440/race/modified
    New to the forum and am wondering if anyone could provide some information relating to the following issue. As mentioned, I have a 1991 Polaris Indy 400 L/C rejetted to 220 instead of 230. It starts great, idles great and runs great...most of the time. The other day I was out riding on the...
  8. Polaris General Discussion
    I have a 96 XCR 600 and I can’t seem to get fuel to the carbs. Gas level might be too low but I’m here wondering if there is supposed to be one of those one way fuel valves inside the tank on the pickup tube? Any help with the one way valves would be amazing!
  9. General Snowmobile Forum
    I have a 1998 Polaris indy 500 that seems to run great until it gets warmed up. Once warm the sled starts to not rev up all the way and will max out around 45mph. If I give it wide open throttle from a parked position it seems to be fine and get up to normal speeds but if I am going say 25mph...
  10. General Snowmobile Forum
    Bought the sled cheap from a PO who said it needed a new computer. Got it to run for a short period on the computer, but now nothing. I bought the cable to connect it to the Select Monitor tool and I get the expected codes when disconnecting devices. Whats confusing me, is that when I'm...
  11. Matryx Platform (Indy VR1/Launch Edition/SBA 146)
    I have an Indy VR1 137" on order and planning on doing some trips that will require carrying extra fuel and/or items for over night. Is it safe to assume the dimensions have not changed between MY '21 and '22? Like some other people on the forum I'm looking into the Kimpex Connect system with...
  12. General Snowmobile Forum
    Hello all, hopefully someone with a little bit more polaris knowledge can provide a little bit more information than I can come across. The part numbers are different in the monoblock. I was just wondering if anyone knows what they changed in these. It looks almost identical and I found one for...
  13. Polaris General Discussion
    Looking for a carb rebuild kit can't find one anywhere. Thank you.
  14. Polaris
    2019 Indy xc 850 129 with studded 1.35 cobra track, always serviced at Polaris with records. The pidd dash shows about 2,800 miles, still has factory extended warranty till about 2024. The sled is stored inside in-season and off-season in a climate controlled building. Has brand new carbides...
  15. Snowmobiles For Sale
    2019 Indy xc 850 129 with studded 1.35 cobra track, always serviced at Polaris with records. The pidd dash shows about 2,800 miles, but in January 2020 I had to have under warranty the jack shaft bearings replaced so they wound up going through the entire motor under warranty. So it currently...
1-15 of 15 Results