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  1. General Snowmobile Forum
    Last week, I pulled the carbs off my of 1994 440 Indy XP, cleaned them, and then put everything back together. I synced the carbs, adjusted the choke, idle, and air screws. Everything started up perfectly, and simply. I took it out for 2 days this weekend. On the first day it ran great (minus a...
  2. Indy (AXYS Platform)
    I bought a Polaris Indy 440 Sport (With a touring model seat) as my first sled. Runs and drives great just a couple questions. There is no front light, nor a base for it. How would I get any light installed and working on it. The original light cable is still intact (Picture below)...
  3. Indy (AXYS Platform)
    Hello, I just bought a 94' Indy 440 for my daughter to ride and learn with. I cleaned the carbs and now I'd like to sync them. I cannot seem to find the size of the drill bit to use to sync the slides, and then the idle, per factory settings. I did see examples for the Indy 500 online places...
1-3 of 3 Results