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  1. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    Turns out this is a rare sled I’m working on. vin says Sabercat. Forums say firecat snowpro. Which is it? Needing to know as track for snowpro is 1.37
  2. XFire 128/Firecat(03-06 & 09-?)
    I’m working in a 03 F7 EFI. It has a 2005 skid & rear suspension on it. From research, looks same as 03. Lugs are 1”. What’s best size and brand studs for this? Rear end shocks need rebuilt. I see they are about $250 used on on eBay. Where’s the best place to get rebuilt and best price? Or a...
  3. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    Hey All, anyone know where I can find one of these complete? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results