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  1. XP/XR/XS New Style MXZ
    Hey Guys. I have a 2015 freeride 800 etec. Had it out last weekend, it worked great then engine light came on with screen saying “warm up mode” then was in limp mode. I towed it home, changed the exhaust sensors and it fired up and ran great. Took it out again and same thing happened about 50...
  2. Summit
    Hey so I just did a ton of work on my 07 summit 800 and I finally put it all back together. It will rev up fine and the race valves are working, but it starts to sputter and die at idle. Anyone got any tips or insight?
  3. Ski-Doo
    I copied my ad from a local classifieds (non-snowmobile specific) that I also have it posted on, so please excuse the obvious information. Selling 2 Ski-doos that I've owned for the past 3 years. We ride them in Northern VT on the VAST Trails. I will provide copies of previous registrations as...
  4. XP/XR/XS New Style MXZ
    Hello, I picked up a 2010 SkiDoo Grand Touring 600 etec. I immediately got new ramps installed in the clutch. Took it out today for the first time. Started up and ran great for a few runs (30ish km total). Reverse was working too. Now I need to give it gas to start up and it dies when I hit...
1-4 of 4 Results