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  1. General Snowmobile Forum
    I've been having some trouble with my 1997 Indy 500 SKS lately and I've finally got the idle perfected and the secondary clutch adjusted properly. When first driving the sled it will go about 20 mph at full throttle with RPM very high then once I slow down it won't move anymore. I took off...
  2. Arctic Cat
    50 bottom gear and 24 top gear out of a Thundercat. Very low (less than 500) miles on them. $100 / pr. Also have a stock secondary clutch with less than 100 miles on it off 2017 Thundercat. $350 .... Also have stock fuel pump, air box, and blow off valve. If you don't like the price, make...
  3. General Snowmobile Forum
    i got a 95 500 and want to know what i can do for the clutch so i can pick up speed in deeper drifts, i haven't looked at the clutch yet to see if its in good condition or what the stock weights and ratio is, but it does run good and pick up speed after you get over the bog i wanna get rid of...
  4. Arctic Cat General Discussion
    I put 110 miles on my new to me 09' CFR800 this past weekend. Towards the end of the day I felt the clutch ( I think it would be the primary).. It was hanging up during decel from 5000 rpm down to idle. The could feel the sled shudder slightly as the clutch was releasing. This sled has 5000...
  5. Phazer
    Just purchased a used 07’ Phazer with 3000km on it. Ran fine the first rip behind my house. For some reason now it’s very slow to accelerate maxes out at around 7600rpm. I’ve swapped out the primary and secondary separately, adjusted chain and track tension. Sled revs up fine on the stand...
  6. General Snowmobile Forum
    Bit of a long shot and I don't even know if this is the place to be doing this, but I'm on the hunt for either a paperback version or PDF/eBook of the Olav Aaen carb and clutch tuning handbooks. They're no longer in print and I cant seem to find any copies for sale anywhere. tia :)
  7. Sidewinder
    Anybody have luck running the Polaris clutch weights in sidewinder
  8. General Snowmobile Forum
    I have a 1998 Polaris indy 500 that seems to run great until it gets warmed up. Once warm the sled starts to not rev up all the way and will max out around 45mph. If I give it wide open throttle from a parked position it seems to be fine and get up to normal speeds but if I am going say 25mph...
  9. XC
    i have a few questions regarding my new to me 2000 xc 700. i have been looking all over the forum and have found a lot of helpful information. although it has raised more questions. i am new to working on snowmobiles but able to work on mechanical things. currently i have an all stock sled...
  10. Yamaha
    I have an extra Tapp clutch which I don't need. It has about 700 miles on it. Still tight like new. +1 rollers and black spring. Set up for a sidewinder. Massive improvement in acceleration and belt life. New ones are $1500USD, I'm asking $1100 plus shipping, firm on that. Great clutch.
  11. Arctic Cat
    Very clean almost looks new rage 3 clutch. shimmed for xtx5020. 5/16" fixed pin .570 wide priceless/osp weights. no spring. call or text zach at 2623497976. can ship.
1-11 of 11 Results