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  1. Switchback/SKS/RMK
    I have a 2001 rmk 700 non-ves with a 151” track (not originally a 700, swapped by previous owner). The sled has a team secondary and I believe 10-63 weights in the primary. When doing pulls at wide open throttle the RPMs hit 8700 and were still climbing when I looked down and let off. Belt is...
  2. 440/race/modified
    I’m getting a iqr 440 extended to 155 and it has a Polaris rmk 800 2003 motor with twin pipes and stingers and mikuni flat side 44 carbs and the clutch bed tuning so I am wondering what weights I need to run at 1000-3000 feet
  3. Polaris General Discussion
    I’m semi new to snowmobiling and I purchased a 2020 pro rmk 800. I bought the gold star adjustable weights from bmp. I have the black spring already on the sled and was wondering if I needed anything else to make this set up work. Also was wondering how to figure out how much weight to use. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results