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  1. Turbo 4 Stroke
    Hello there bought a 1998 700 rmk in the spring guy said fuel pump was bad, rebuilt fuel pump but now I have a problem where if I give the sled throttle it will idle up for a bit bit as soon as I let off it just dies was wondering what you guys might suggest I’m stumped not sure if it crank...
  2. IQ chassis
    New here. Cut my teeth building and repairing Wedge; Gen II. I have built and set clutches; straightened tunnels.. Now I really stepped in it, I bought a full basket case, I know I need to send out the crank before I can begin the build and I would like to hear the mods and things I need to do...
  3. General Snowmobile Forum
    Looking for 99 indy xc 500 sp cdi box. Really tough to find as it was only made for a year or two. Any out there? Polaris part # 2201167
1-3 of 3 Results