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  1. REV Chassis
    Last year seemed like I lost a cylinder. Until further diagnosis the compression was good 150. Good spark and good fuel. It turned out to be a broken carb slide. But not the carb slide itself, the link inside the carb located in the top. The small chain link looking thing. C-clip popped off and...
  2. 440/race/modified
    I’m getting a iqr 440 extended to 155 and it has a Polaris rmk 800 2005 motor with twin pipes and stingers and mikuni flat side 44 carbs and I was wondering what jets i should use at 1000-3000 feet
  3. General Snowmobile Forum
    Bit of a long shot and I don't even know if this is the place to be doing this, but I'm on the hunt for either a paperback version or PDF/eBook of the Olav Aaen carb and clutch tuning handbooks. They're no longer in print and I cant seem to find any copies for sale anywhere. tia :)
  4. Polaris General Discussion
    Just recently (today) cleaned the carbs on my buddies Polaris 680 Ultra due to it not wanting to start easily and a bad idle. So I pulled them all out and cleaned them all. Set the screws back in the proper adjustment as they were before cleaning them. Now it's running super lean (smoking way...
  5. IQ chassis
    Hi I am new to working on 2 strokes and snowmobiles i general. i have been looking up and down here to try to find a similar problem i have, but with no luck. so i bought a rmk 600 ho carb 2008 this summer and it started after 4 pulls. Drove it on the trailer and went Home. Came Home and it...
  6. 2 Strokes
    Does anybody know what this is on the airbox?One hose goes to the carb and another to the engine. Mine is off.
  7. Yamaha General Discussion
    Hey guys, so I've taken to rebuilding the carbs for my vmax 700 sx after one to many difficult starts and difficult idles. I have the genuine Mikuni carb rebuild kits for the TM33-8012, but they don't seem to come with the long jet needle. In the Clymer manual it says to use the 6DGM05/3, but...
  8. Polaris General Discussion
    Looking for a carb rebuild kit can't find one anywhere. Thank you.
  9. XC
    i have a few questions regarding my new to me 2000 xc 700. i have been looking all over the forum and have found a lot of helpful information. although it has raised more questions. i am new to working on snowmobiles but able to work on mechanical things. currently i have an all stock sled...
1-9 of 9 Results